Standard Grade (A-Grade)

Each enamel pin is handmade and polished, so it's rarely 100% perfect. All the pins are hand graded to ensure the pin's quality. 

Standard pins are highest quality pins with a few minor imperfections. These are good for pin collectors or for displays. 

  • Small imperfections in the metal plating
  • Light scratches
  • Small pores or faint dust/spec in enamel
  • Slightly misaligned screen printing


Pins with a few noticeable imperfection. They are close to standard grade and still displays nicely. 

  • Noticeable scratches on the metal 
  • Noticeable small pore enamel
  • Noticeable dust/color spec 
  • Under-filled or over-filled enamel


Pins with several noticeable imperfections. These pins are flawed but is great for wearing or putting on bags/cloth. These will be heavily discounted. 

  • Oxidization of the metal
  • Scratches on metal
  • Loose backing
  • dust/color spec/smudge

I do not sell pins that have major flaws such as large deep scratches, giant area of missing paints or flaws that prevents it from being reasonably displayed. 

Please note: The colors may vary because every screen is different. Due to this, colors shown on the screen may be more or less vibrant in person. 

If you purchase the enamel pins that means you read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. 

Thank you